Our approach to academics is relevant and individualized. We hone our students individualized needs by using standardized assessments as well as other professional tools. We use this data to customize the delivery of our curriculum in our classrooms.Academic classes focus on L.A, Math, Science, Social Studies and Art and follows the expectations outlined by the ministry of the Ontario Curriculum. We teach the Ontario curriculum integrated with the Islamic studies curriculum. The combination of these two curriculums help us to achieve the goal of equipping students to be responsive and responsible Muslim citizens.Integrated academics means providing and Islamic perspective to all disciplines and subject matter fields. Our purpose of integrating Islam is to emphasize that Islamic teachings are relevant to every aspect of life and to every subject of the curriculum.

Our small class size allow opportunities for differentiation and individualized attention. Our class size cap at 10-12 students to ensure every child receives the attention they deserve. Our qualified and passionate teachers infuse Islamic concepts into academic lessons whenever possible.