About Tayba Islamic Academy

Tayba Islamic Academy is a not for profit, private full time Islamic School, located in Waterloo, Ontario. TIA is not affiliated with any organization. TIA offers a Quran Hifth and integrated Ontario curriculum for students from grades 1 to 8, space permitting. Tayba Islamic Academy is validated and registered as a private school with the Ministry of Education. The School’s BSID number is: 669852.

Tayba Islamic Academy was founded in September 2019. TIA provides an Islamic learning environment with a commitment to using effective teaching pedagogy to cultivate and advance a comprehensive academic program, which is fully compliant with the Ontario Curriculum.

The name “Tayba”, was inspired by the name of the city where the Prophet PBUH raised his companions and taught
them Iman, Quran and the true morals of Islam. It was where the seed of Islam was planted and where it thrived to be the
great religion we know it to be.

The word Tayba, reflects our mission statement, core values, and ultimate goal; which is to revive the teaching methods
of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) so that we may educate our children on the Holy Quran the way he educated his
companions. Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), taught Iman before Quran, through which the foundation of our teaching
methodology is built.
At TIA, we live the journey with our students, we work alongside them, hand in hand, until they complete the memorization
of the entire Quran in four years. We join them on this journey of exploration through which they discover the beauty of the
Quran and engage with its meanings before its letters, so their hearts open up to and welcome its presence so that they
can accept the values and applications of each Ayah while it impacts their behavior, manners and ethics positively.